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Los Angeles Lemon Law Lawyers Fees

Lemon Law clients at the Los Angeles based California Lemon Law Lawyers firm N&S Legal Group pay absolutely NO out of pocket Lawyer hidden fees of any kind.

Under the California Lemon Law the Lawyer's fees that accumulate in your case are billable to the vehicle-car manufacturer. This means that Lawyers representing you in your Lemon Law claim are not obligated to charge you for their legal services. At N&S Legal Group, we believe that the California Lemon Law was enacted to protect the consumer and not to make Lawyers rich, accordingly, our Lemon Law clients pay absolutely no Lawyer's fees out of their pockets.

Whether you are located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Fresno, San Francisco, Palm Springs or any other area of California the Lemon Law Lawyers at N&S Legal can represent you and are ready to provide you with a Free no obligation consultation. For your convenience, your entire case can be handled over the telephone, through the Internet and US Mail. This means that the top CA Lemon Law Lawyers at N&S Legal can represent you no matter where you live in California.

Stop wondering whether you have a Lemon, please take a moment to explore our Lemon Law site so you can become better informed about the CA Lemon Law and discover all that N&S Legal has to offer you.

To discover why the Lemon Law Lawyers at N&S Legal are right for you, please click here to learn more about us, or feel free to contact us toll-free at 888-50-LEMON (888-505-3666), or through our short Online Free Consultation Request Form, or via email at


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